Promotion of Accounting Reform as the most effective Pathway to a Fairer Safer and more Prosperous Society. Comment and Support from all quarters is Sought to straighten out NZ's problem

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October 2022 Edition

The regional newspaper Otago Daily Times frequently publishes articles from the country’s largest newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.

On Saturday 10 September 2022 the ODT took an article on the previous year’s new NZ sharemarket listings headed “class of 21” acknowledged as coming from the NZ Herald. My Food Bag was a company listed in 2022 and it was appropriate that it was evaluated in the article. The big problem is My Food Bag’s share price. It was said to “continue to disappoint, last trading at 61c below its $1.85 IPO issue price”. In fact the price was 61c which was $1.24 below the share issue price. The ODT article as photographed by a subscriber is available here: The My Food Bag share price is to be found here: On 9 September 2022 it can be seen to be about 61cents. to top of page v

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Case studies of ICANZ coverups

1 ACC Annual Accounts

2 Ernst and Young report to Dairy Co shareholders

The scandalous Audit Cert of the 1990 BNZ annual accounts - Take a Look from Here And then learn about the Securities Commission here who reported on the affair. We also background the role of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of NZ in ignoring the affair. It might go back 10 years but many players still maintain high office, collectivly protecting themselves at the expense of others.

Structure and Operation of an alternative Accounting Organisation designed to shun dishonesty.

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